About us


Business Innovation Groningen is a business consultancy set up managed by fourth-year business students who take on the role of junior consultants. As an organization, we are experiencing enormous growth.  

The primary process of B.I.G consist of converting a management issue into a concrete assignment. This desired assignment is then executed and reported to the client. 

Business action lab

The Business Action Lab (B.A.L) was set up to manage the tasks of the students. The B.A.L. consists of the following labs:

  • Project lab: within the project lab groups work together with the client to solve a management issue.
  • Knowledge lab: within the knowledge lab, students are given the opportunity to write an article that helps them gain additional information in the fields: operations & supply chain management, organizational science and change and strategic management.
  • Running the lab: this lab refers to the daily activities and operations outside the project lab.


The Business Action Lab uses entrepreneurial business consultants to assist organizations in social and economic issues by providing qualitative advice. We strive for a long-term relationship with our clients.


In everything we do, we think an act as enterprising business professionals. We are focused on everything that lies within the company and with that in mind we act: proactive, innovative, inquisitive, decisive and we are not afraid to take risks.